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Why do I receive a Security Notice when I run an Access Database sample?

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Microsoft Windows and Access Database have inherent security features to protect the end users from accidently launching files which are capable of containing malicious software code.  Access Database contains powerful coding capability which can be programed with malicious code that could harm your computer. That is why you should only every run a Microsoft Access database if you have obtained it from a reliable source such as GI Business Database Solutions.

For the reasons outlined, when you start an Access Database which was not created on your own computer and which contains macros or Visual Basic for Access (VBA) coding, Access will display a ‘Security Notice’ on screen to alert you that there may be a potential security risk, and that the Microsoft Access Database program was unable to determine if the database came from a trustworthy source.

Microsoft Access Security Notice

The Security Notice dialog box will provide you options to either open the database or to cancel the operation (close the database).  If you elect to open the database, Microsoft Access will automatically disable any macros or code contained in the database until you specifically allow the macros or code to operate.

As with most Microsoft Access databases, the sample database that you download from GI Business Database Solutions will contain macros and VB code that provide enhanced end-user functionality.  Therefore to operate any of our Access Database samples and allow then to function correctly, you will need to enable the macros and/or code in the database.

The method for enabling macros and VB code will depend on the version of Microsoft Access that you have installed on your computer, however if you are running Microsoft Access 2007, Microsoft Access 2010 or Microsoft Access 2013 you should see an ‘ENABLE’ button located in the warning panel which appears just below the Access Database Ribbon. Click the ‘Enable’ button to allow macros and VB code to operate.

For further information about the Access Database Security Notice and how it can be disabled I recommend you read:

FAQ:  How to Disable the Microsoft Access Database Security Notice Warnings


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