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Access Database Sharing OptionsMethods of Sharing an Access Database On-line

There are a number of different methods in which you can share your Microsoft Access Database with other users online.  How you achieve this, and which method may be best for you will depend on the type of data that you wish to share, with whom you wish to share it and you development budget.  We have briefly outline some of the options available to you below.  If you would like more information on sharing your Microsoft Access Database over a network or the internet please contact us.

Microsoft Access Database Native Functionality

Often for a business which simply needs to share their Access Database information between regional offices, the simplest and most affordable solution is to split your Access database in to a front-end and back-end format.  The Access database front-end operates locally and is connected via your existing network infrastructure to the database back-end (which contains the data tables) located on a server which that is shared across a secure VPN connection that you are already using.

Microsoft Access Database and SharePoint Server

With the advent of Microsoft Access 2010, and later Microsoft Access Database versions, and improved integration with SharePoint Server 2010 via Access Services, businesses were better able to share their data between multiple users and to interact with the database application from any standards-compliant Web browser, even across the internet. Whilst this method of sharing your database data provides many advantages it does however require that you have an appropriately configured SharePoint server and generally has much higher associated development costs.

Microsoft Access Database and Office 365

Another option available to share your Access database is to move your database to Access Services on an Office 365 account.  In this way you can make your data accessible to your customers or colleagues wherever they may be.  To develop and administer the database you will require Microsoft Access Database version 2010 or later and online Office 365 Access Services server account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like discuss options for sharing your existing Access Database which remote users.

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