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Lowering Macro Security Settings in Microsoft 2003

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When you first open an Access Database which was created on a computer other than your own (a foreign database), which contains macros or VBA code, Microsoft Access Database 2003 will display the following Security Warning.

Security Warning Access dialog box

The reason for this is that it is possible to program malicious code into an Access database. That is why you should only ever run Access Databases that you have obtained from reliable sources such as GI Business Database Solutions.

If you only ever run Access databases that you obtained from reliable sources, and you want to avoid receiving the Access 2003 Security Warning every time you run a foreign database you might want to consider lowering the current Macro Security setting in your Access Database 2003 program.

CAUTION: We do NOT recommend lowering your Microsoft Access Database macro security setting unless you are absolutely confident that all Access Databases that you will run will be obtained from reliable sources.

To lower the Macro Settings in Microsoft Access Database 2003

  1. In Microsoft Access Database 2003, open an existing database or create a new blank database. The Macro Security setting will only be available once an Access Database is loaded. (See Figure 2)
  2. With an Access Database loaded, select Tools > Macro> Security from the Database Main Menu at the top of the screen (See figure 2)  Access Database 2003 Macro Security
  3. Once the macro Security panel is displayed, and you have read the information provided for each option and accessed that a lower Macro Security setting is the correct option in your circumstances, click on the ‘Low’ radio button to select that option. Figure 3 shows the default Access Database Macro Security setting of medium.        Security dialog box
  4. Once you have selected the required option click ‘OK’ to apply any changes you have made.


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