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How to Disable the Microsoft Access Database Security Notice Warnings?

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Each time you run a Microsoft Access database that was not created on your computer, and which contains macros or visual basic code to provide some form of database functionality, you will be required to ‘Enable’ the macros and code otherwise the database will not function correctly.  This includes any of the sample Microsoft Access Databases that you download from our website.

If you have obtained the database from a trusted source you may wish to avoid the open file security warning notice, and the necessity to enable the database macros and VB code each time that you run the Database. Fortunately Microsoft have provided option which will allow you to do so.

Depending on your version of Microsoft Windows you have installed on your computer, the first warning you receive when you open one of our sample Access database may be the ‘Open File – Security Warning’.  You can prevent this warning form appearing in the future simply removing the tick from the check box ‘Always ask before opening this file’ and then clicking the ‘Open’ button.

The image below shows the ‘Open File Security Warning’ that you will receive using Microsoft Windows 7, or Microsoft Windows 8. For other version of Windows the warning box may appear slightly different.

Microsoft Open File Security Warning

The next step to avoiding the Access Database Security notices will depend on the version of Microsoft Access Database that you have installed on your computer. In Microsoft Access Database 2003 you can lower the level of the Macro Security setting in the global options.  For more instructions on how to adjust you Access Database Macro Security settings click the following link.

FAQ: Lowering Macro Security Settings in Microsoft 2003

In Microsoft Access Database 2007, Microsoft Access Database 2010 and Microsoft Access 2013 you can add the Windows folder where the database is located to your trusted locations.  When you run a database from a trusted locations folder on your computer or network, the Microsoft Access Database program will treat the database as trusted and will automatically enable any macros or visual basic code in the database.  You will not receive the ‘Enable’ database warning or prompt.

For specific instructions on setting up trusted locations in the version of Microsoft Access installed on your computer click the link below.

FAQ:  Setting up Trusted Locations in Microsoft Access Database

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