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Why Microsoft Access Database

“Why is Microsoft Access the best choice for my business database” is a question that we are often asked, and one with a simple answer.  Microsoft Access Database is arguably one of the best and most powerful standalone relational database management platforms available today.

Packaged as part of the Microsoft Office Professional suite of software, Microsoft Access Database integrates seamlessly with Outlook and the other MS Office components that are already installed on your computer. It also means that the Microsoft Access user interface is already familiar to current users of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Access Database Benefits at a Glance

Flexibility:   Access Database is easily integrates and shares data with other Microsoft Office products.  An Access database can directly import and export information into Word, Microsoft Excel and even Outlook.  Reports and other information can be directly emailed from an Access database or in some instances you can use an Outlook email to capture input data.

Cost:   Microsoft Access Database ships as part of Microsoft Office Professional and may already be installed on your computer. If not, Microsoft provides a FREE runtime version of Access Database that will enable you to run an Access database on your computer.

Download Microsoft Access Runtime here. (Caution: never install Microsoft Access Database Runtime on a computer which already has a version of MS Access installed.)

Multi-User Access:   Used over local or remote network, a Microsoft Access Database provides access to information by multiple users simultaneously,  greatly simplifying data sharing and ensuring that all staff all access to the most up to date information.

Support:  A top seller for well over a decade, Access Database is well supported by Microsoft who continue to improve Access database with every new Office release.  You can feel confident that your investment in choosing Microsoft Access database is future-proof.

Cost of development:  Due to its many benefits, Microsoft Access Database is fast becoming the database of choice for more and more small business database application developers. As the number of database developers in this space continues to grow, the benefits to the end users are obvious. A greater choice of Access Database developers, more competition for work, and lower development costs.

Adaptability:  Having a flexible development environment means that a MS Access database can readily be updated. The addition of a new reports, more fields for information or enhanced functionality such as an automated email senders can be added.  And if the database has been well designed and implement, then most updates can usually be accomplished with little or no downtime.

Need More Information about Access Database

If you feel a Microsoft Access database may be the right choices for your business, or you would like further information about how an Access Database might benefit your business please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation chat.

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Benefits To Your Business

  • Low cost development
  • Increased productivity & reduce costs
  • More efficient business processes
  • Multi-user access to Business information
  • Reduced administrative workloads
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Do I Need Microsoft Access

An Access Database requires a Microsoft Access to be installed on your computer to operate.

If you don't have a version of Microsoft Access Database installed on your PC you can download Access Database Runtime Free from Microsoft. For more information visit our FAQ about Access Runtime. Download the free Access Runtime install files most applicable for your existing Microsoft Office.

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