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Assets Management

The Assets Management Database was created in Microsoft Access Database. The Assets database tracks all of your business assets and provides a range of comprehensive reports to keep you informed. This database has a powerful, yet simply to use interface and makes recording asset details such as purchase information, current location, depreciation, and maintenance history a breeze.

The Assets Management database groups and categorises your assets in multiple ways to ensure the proper management of those assets. At a glance you know which assets are assigned to the various departments and employees throughout your organisation. With the Assets database also accurately track repairs and schedule maintenance for relevant assets.

Assets Management Database Features

  • Records information of each asset including description, make, model and serial number, Asset category, vendor and purchase details, current location and asset status.
  • Maintains a list of asset categories, employees, departments and vendors.
  • Records and tracks the asset maintenance history; including repair date, repairer details and repair costs.
  • Displays the depreciation history and current value of your assets. You can quickly print an asset depreciation report come tax time.
  • Provides a range of reporting options including assets by category, location, vendor, employer etc.
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Free Assets Management Database

Download and use the free version of Asset Management database.  The database is fully functional and has no time limitations; continue to use the database for as long as you like. However the free version of the database is in a compiled state which means that you cannot alter the database design or add additional objects such as the Form or Reports. Download
Free Database
Download Free Access Database Example

Assets Management Database Open Source

Whilst the free version of the Assets Management database meets the needs of most businesses, others wish to add additional data fields specific to their business, want more reporting or need some functionality not already provided by the Assets Management Database. For these businesses, we make an open source version of the database available for purchase.In the open source version of the Assets Management database you can access and update all of the database’s design features. With Microsoft Access Database installed on your PC you can add any additional fields, tables, forms or reports you need. You can also create macros or add VBA code to carry out other functionality that you require.

Please note: The open source version of the database can be altered by the end-user and is therefore sold AS IS, without warranty of any kind.  We recommend you thoroughly test and review the free version of the database prior to purchase.  See the EULA included in the download file for further information.

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Source DatabasePurchase the Open Source Access Database Version

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Request Database Customisation

Unfamiliar with the Microsoft Access Database design environment yet still need more data fields, reports, or advanced database functionality such as automated alerts, direct report emailing or automatic batched depreciation of assets. We are happy to assist and the only cost to you is our time to adapt the Assets Management database to your specifications.  For information on development rates please see our Pricing & Fee Schedule page. The final cost of developed will of course depend on the time required to integrate your requested changes into the Asset Management database. For more information email us with details of the changes that you would like made to the Database and we will get back to you likely costs involved. Contact Us. Request QuoteRequest Access Database Customisation Service

System Requirements

Microsoft Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010 or Access 2013 is required to operate the Assets Management database. If you don’t already have a version Microsoft Access installed on your computer, you can use the free Runtime version of Microsoft Access Database which is available for download FREE from Microsoft.  To download Access Runtime or for more information on running the Assets Management, or any other Access database, with Microsoft Runtime please visit our FAQ Section.

Installation Instructions

The method of installing the sample Access Database may vary depending on the number of users that will access the database, and your availability to a shared network.  Please read the Installation Instruction included in the download file before installing the Assets Management database on your computer.

You can read our generic database installation instruction on line, or visit our FAQ section for more information.

If you intend running the Assets Management Database in Microsoft Access 2007 or later we also recommend that you read our FAQ : Setting up Trusted Location in Microsoft Access Database.

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I Don’t Have Microsoft Access

Do I need Microsoft Access installed on my computer to run an Access Database?

YES! And fortunately, Microsoft provides a FREE Runtime version of Access Database which anyone can use to run an Access Database even if Access in not installed on their PC

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